In 2013, a massive comet will shoot past Earth, fascinating billions and creating the space show of the century. When scientists first found comet ISON, they immediately knew they had discovered something extraordinary.

Comets have fascinated, even terrified us for thousands of years. This year, a particularly massive chunk of ice and rock is hurtling your way, an object that will fascinate billions and should create the space show of the century.

Right now Comet ISON 2013 (C/2012 S1 or Comet Nevski--Novichonok), somewhere between 1 and 10 kilometres in diameter, is just beyond the orbit of Jupiter. As it races past us toward the sun it should develop a tail that will light up the skies brighter than a full moon. Reaching speeds as high as 684,000 km per hour, Comet Ison has been billed by astronomers as the Comet of the Century.

In this exciting special documentary, Nat Geo TV teams up with scientists all over the world as they follow a once-in-a-lifetime event and shoot breath-taking images of the sun-grazer comet. Bringing audiences up close and personal with one of stargazing's most spectacular displays, Comet Ison reveals what the comet is made of, how it behaves and how it marks the latest chapter in the fascinating relationship between comets and humankind.

Film Duration: 43 min