We will take a journey to the edge of the observable Universe and beyond. As we look out through space and time past the light of the Moon between the realms of Venus and Mars and then out beyond the orbits of the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn. And then out of the solar system towards the beauty of the stars. If we go past the open star cluster and great nebula of our own milky-way galaxy far beyond the globular star clusters that orbit the hallo of our galaxy. The further we look out into deep space the larger the structure become. We see groups of galaxies turning into clusters of galaxies that are then extend out into super clusters of galaxies. Scientists have now found a structure that at its longest dimension is 4 billion light years long. These structures are called filaments and are made up of quasars each quasar representing the centre of a galaxy. Modern physics has no explanation for the formation of these large filaments that stretch over millions of light years. But in a new theory called Quantum Atom Theory an artist theory of the physics of 'time' as a physical process these large filaments are predicted. This is possible because in this theory Newton's universal law of gravity is a secondary force to the electromagnetic force. And the thing that links the electromagnetic force and gravitation force together is time itself or to be more precise time dilation. The Universe is in a process of continuous creation continuously coming into existence with each new photon oscillation. Because the photon is the carrier of the electromagnetic force electrical potential is the same potential we have with any future event within our own reference frame. We see and feel this process as the flow of time itself.

Film Duration: 88 min