This is a journey through the Borneo rainforest , a jungle in which none of the people expected to live too long, where even plants are fearsome predators.

This chapter takes us into the protected areas of the northeast end of the Borneo island to show the functioning of this ecosystem. We'll observe the morphology of this great body that houses both a huge amount of insects and large animals. We will also know the social customs of the monkeys called násicos and we can see the activity of the hairy Sumatran rhino . Watch the sophisticated trap that carnivorous plants produce and enjoy a sample of the wide variety of orchids that the rainforest of Borneo houses.

But the real protagonist is the red orangutan ,named by the locals as "monkey man". We will approach the lives of these endangered primates and discover the efforts made in the Sepilok Forest Reserve to taking care of the baby monkeys, affected by the deterioration of the jungle by the timber industry.

Film Duration: 51 min