Ten years ago, Melinda Elkins would happily have described herself as a stay at home mom, a housewife, and proud of it. But on June 7th, 1998, everything changed for her.

What happened is the story of how a terrible tragedy would transform an ordinary woman into a would-be C.S.I. investigator. She would embark upon a dangerous mission in which she took on police and prosecutors - a mission that would tear her family apart and leave her broke during her relentless quest for justice.

On that night, ten years ago, she hadn't slept well. She was caring for a sick child and waiting for her husband, Clarence, to come home. He'd been out drinking. A few hours after he got home, early the next morning, she was awakened again by a commotion outside.

It was the police - more than a dozen of them - swarming all over the property. One deputy started questioning Melinda.

Film Duration: 43 min