This documentary has its focus on the extinction of honey bees in the US cornfields. Honey bees are very essential for the environment. Accordingly to this documentary being an episode on earth focus, has its major goal to save the Honey bees. The pesticides that are used to protect the crops are mostly mixed with a chemical that has toxics to kill the bees. This has been reported and made prominent to the Government to save these bees for the sake of environment. This documentary is actually a brick in the wall to save these honey bees from their extinction. The chemical that is seemed to be a death pill for the honey bees is said to be neonicotinoid. This neonicotinoid has some harsh effect on the honey bees and their deaths. According to the research done through this documentary, many of the people with their jobs related to the honey bees are getting unemployed. The US government has been known to the fact from a long time and their concern on this matter has been fading along the time. Many people have been protesting on this fact in front of the Government to take action. This documentary provides the good understanding of this fact and what this would conclude to if not taken care off. This documentary holds either of the Government or the Industries producing the pesticides responsible of this act. This documentary holds many interviews from the environmentalists and the experts for resolving the issue.

Film Duration: 26 min .