This 2015 documentary is by Israeli journalist, Itai Anghel, on the Kurdish people and their fight against ISIS (Islamic State) Islamist terrorist. Itai Anghel and Eddie Gerald spent two weeks on the front line with Kurdish Peshmerga in South Kurdistan and YPG/YPJ/PKK fighters in Rojava (West Kurdistan). ISIS prisoners talk to him about beheading, burning, raping and killing everybody who is different from them.

Isis fighters are committing widespread, organised and systematic rape and sexual assault on Yazidi women and girls in what may amount to a crime against humanity, a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) has found.

HRW said fighters from Europe are among those from Iraq, Syria, other countries in the Middle East and Central Asia abusing girls and women, according to harrowing accounts from victims. The organisation spoke to girls as young as 12 after they escaped their captors in northern Iraq, who described being gang-raped by brutal fighters multiple times. Many had witnessed other women and young girls being sexually assaulted.

A doctor in charge of treating survivors in Dohuk said at least 70 of the 105 female survivors she had treated appeared to have been raped while being held hostage by the extremist group.

One woman, Rashida, described militants choosing women by drawing their names out of a "lottery". The 31-year-old says she tried to kill herself by swallowing a toxic chemical after being ordered by the fighter who picked her name to bathe.

Film Duration: 00:47