Leopard Queen is a documentary film that was aired on National Geographic in 2012; it is the story of a leopard by the name of Manana in South Africa's Londolozi Game Reserve whose life and routine have been monitored for almost 17years. The other important role in this documentary is that of John Varty, a wildlife cameraman who shares a very unique friendship with Manana. As a result of his time spent and the way that he has been involved with the wild cat Varty has gained privileged access to the world of Manana, a wild leopard. Manana is a fully grown leopard and hence is quite capable of tearing a man to shreds with its over powering strength and deadly K-9 teeth; but still during the entire duration of the film we see John Varty beside the leopard completely unharmed and absolutely carefree. Such is the level of understanding between Manana and Varty. It is around this that the entire documentary evolves, that is the life of Manana. The documentary is based on video clips of Manana from over 17years; that is the time that she has spent at South Africa's Londolozi Game Reserve and has been under the supervision of John Varty. After spending so much time together, it is but natural that a bond of a sort develops and perhaps this best displayed in this short movie between Varty and Manana and through the progressive video clips of Manana and its life the viewers of the documentary get a glimpse at the way of life of the leopard and also at the habitat of a leopard.

Film Duration: 43 min .