A simple desire to raise money for charity takes a number of unexpected turns in this debut documentary from James Rose.James, a student who just happens to have a 'disability', decides to do a skydive for Canine Partners and Comic Relief. However, miscommunication and fear of spasms in James' legs consumes his doctor, preventing the much needed medical clearance from being issued for James to do the jump.You will laugh, cry, and grit your teeth whilst you join James on his mammoth three year mission. One child dies of Malaria every thirty-seconds. With this in mind, James' progress is tracked by counting the number of children who pass away as he bypasses all obstacles.Vertical wind-tunnels, hanging out of helicopters; no task is too big for James to undertake to overturn his doctor's decision.Like A Bat Out Of Hell, James Rose' debut film, is an action-packed documentary that definitely won't leave you up in the clouds!