Gabriel Cardona and Rosalio 'Bart' (as in Bart Simpson) Reta are American citizens of the border town of Laredo, Texas. They were raised in poverty and with the many problems inherent to poverty. When developing to the teenage years, they had dropped out of school and had become friends with bad influences. Seduced by the promises of easy money, faster cars and an abundance of girls, the two childhood friends soon joined the cartel of Los Zetas.
This group of mercenaries and narcos trained them to kill, and the two young boys started to work as hit men. They were paid ahead of time; they lived in safe houses in upper class neighborhoods of Laredo Texas, where those hard working successful citizens were clueless that the new family in the neighborhood were teen sicarios. The teens worked a five day work week, on call, ready for the order for them to kill on both sides of the border. They were paid up to $10,000 dollars and 2 kilos of cocaine for each job, and bonuses like a 70 thousand dollar Mercedes for a well executed job.

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Film Duration: 48 min