Ever since the first Spanish explorers told tales of cities in the middle of the jungle-choked Amazon, explorers, archaeologists and treasure-hunters alike have been searching for them, and many have died trying...including the most famous Amazon explorer Col. Percy Fawcett. Now, Digging for the Truth is mounting its own expedition, and a striking new discovery will be revealed. Josh Bernstein accompanies University of Florida's Michael Heckenberger deep into Brazil's Mato Grosso region. Following Fawcett's trail to the point of his last known location, they then take buses, planes, trucks and river boats five days deep into areas of massive deforestation until they finally reach the untouched jungle. There, among a people called the Kuikuru, they discover the archaeological evidence that points - not only to the existence of huge cities in the jungle - but also to the fact that their descendants are still very much alive today.

Film Duration: 43 min