The waters that bathe the south of Australia are a link preserved from a former union.

50 million years ago, this island-continent broke away from the Antarctic, abandoning it to the cold currents which froze it. Here, on the southern Australian coast, these waters come to the surface, giving to rise to a veritable explosion of life, an incredible proliferation of species, from plankton eaters to specialist predators.

People often think that the sea is full of life, that everywhere creatures of one size or another swim. However, that is not true. In fact, the open ocean is almost a desert, with nothing to eat and no one to eat it.

That is not the case of this coast. When the cold waters reach here and rise to the surface, they come into contact with the sunlight, and warm up. And it is precisely the presence of light that works the miracle and causes life to flourish along these beaches.

Film Duration: 51 min