The Italian Mafia is often referred to as an octopus, its many arms symbolising the clan's countless branches, with which it ominously and sinisterly penetrates all areas of society.
But Italian investigators consider this comparison dangerous and erroneous, as the Mafia rather more resembles one of evolutions
most intelligent entities: the parasite.

This is also the secret of its success: the symbiosis with the host and the eventual manipulation of its brain.
Similar to a parasite, the Mafia only implants itself in regions of wealth, in order to siphon off whatever it needs. In this way, it becomes thoroughly independent and ensures its own survival, by increasing the wealth of the attacked organism and switching off its defences by means of mimicry.
It can adapt to changing circumstances at lightning speed and is equally able to profit from crises.
This documentary, based on Sicilians in their campaign against the world's oldest Mafia organisation, the Cosa Nostra, explains how it succeeded in penetrating the brain of the system like a parasite. In doing so, barely known chapters of recent Italian history are brought to light.

The documentary shows the example of the Cosa Nostra, the Mafia is now a global company and their influence despite all search successes of recent years rather than growing waning.

Film Duration: 52 min