Held by world leaders, outlaws, frontier men, gangsters, police, soldiers, and sportsmen, the gun has been a prominent fixture in many cultures for centuries. Explore the history of the firearm and see some of the most revolutionary designs ever created. From handheld weapons to giants mounted on battleships, see the history of the gun.
* See how different nations have utilized guns in world wars, small battles, and domestic disputes.
* Discover how different designs shaped the way battle was waged.
* The complete 32-episode series on 10 discs.
Ranging in size, power, use, and style, the gun has been a part of human conflict for centuries, Its use has varied from hunting and protection to international combat and urban dispute. Trace the history of the gun from its inception in the 14th Century.
Stripped of its military might and forbidden to re-arm by the Treaty of Versailles, the German Army under Adolf Hitler created new weapons to march into war once again. Surrounded by enemies, Israel has developed some of the world's most effective weapons. American gangsters of the 1920 s and 30 s wielded powerful handguns to help them thwart the law. See the guns that changed history, from the long-range shooting rifle to the sidearms of military leaders. Examine guns mounted on planes and ships and the firearms used to kill historic figures. Discover the varied designs created by manufacturers like Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Winchester. Meet gunslingers, dictators, commanders, police officers, and outlaws along the way.

Film Duration: 45 min