Between 1958 and 1962, China experienced tragedy on an epic scale. The “Great Leap Forward” was an economic campaign conceived by Mao Zedong to transform China’s vast population from an agrarian economy to a modern communist society through the process of industrialization and collectivization. In reality, it led to a famine resulting in the death of as many as fifty-five million people. But while millions were starving to death, China’s grain stores remained full.

Using previously unheard testimony by survivors, rare archival footage, secret documents, and interviews with the leading historians on this catastrophe, Mao’s Great Famine provides, for the first time, an insight into the insanity of this disastrous program. Today the Chinese Communist Party whitewashes the catastrophe calling it “three years of natural disasters.” This film examines the mechanisms and political decisions that led to the disaster, stripping away the secrecy surrounding the campaign and exposing the lie, which continues today, about the true human cost and who was responsible.

Film Duration: 00:52