Mark Shirley longed to get to know many women but his perverted sexual desires craved something else: their torture and an ordeal by knife which ended in their rape, and in the case of a woman in her 60s, death. His sexual needs were not satisfied until he drank her blood. Years later, on parole, he set about repeating his boyhood accomplishments by holding a mother of five hostage, repeatedly raping her as he held a range of knives to her throat. He ritualistically howled as he abused her. He told her he wanted to drink her blood, too, so she would always be inside him. He escaped only to turn to another victim, slowly revealing over many hours what he had done to the woman he had first murdered and telling her she would be next. He penetrated her body 19 times with knives as well as raping her. Eventually, Bristol Police in England captured him. From his cell he has found pen pals who he writes to telling them in graphic detail how he would rape and stab them.

Film Duration: 40 min