They are icons of a long-vanished time--romantic reminders of the age of chivalry and knights in armor. Designed like machines with nearly every architectural detail devoted to defense medieval castles represented the perfect fusion of form and function. In this journey into the past MODERN MARVELS takes an in-depth look at the way these massive edifices were built and used. At sites throughout Europe visit some of the most famous impressive and important castles still standing. Get an up-close look at architectural features that have long since vanished: murder holes arrow slits battlements and moats and see how they all worked together to make castles virtually impenetrable to attack. Of course when the enemy was not camped outside these fortifications still had a valuable role to play serving as homes to kings and nobles economic centers courthouses treasuries prisons and of course torture chambers. From the deepest dungeons to the highest towers MODERN MARVELS presents this one-of-a-kind portrait of medieval CASTLES & DUNGEONS.

Film Duration: 42 min