Modern Spies is a documentary series presented by Peter Taylor. The series sees Peter taking a look at the real world of modern spies. For the first time on television, British secret agents talk about their work. So how close are real spies to the Bournes and the Bonds? In this two-part series BBC investigative journalist Peter Taylor finds out when he looks at the world of the modern day secret agent. From James Bond to Spooks, from Jason Bourne to Tinker Tailor, spying is big box office business. Its vocabulary has become familiar to us all, from 'stings' and 'moles' to 'dead letter drops' and 'honey traps'. The fact is that the image of such operations as depicted on the big and small screens - and in airport blockbusters too - is firmly rooted in reality. The 'tradecraft' is common to both the fictional and real world of spying. But how much of what we see is a realistic depiction? The filmmaker had unprecedented access to serving officers from MI5 (the UK domestic security service) and MI6 (the UK overseas secret Intelligence Service), as well as FBI and CIA employees - the only stipulation being that their names were changed and they weren't allowed to discuss specific operations or policy issues.

Film Duration: 59 min .