Combining cutting-edge technology and hard science with eyewitness reports, this fascinating series from the History Channel investigates ancient myths to determine if legendary monsters actually exist.

In Season 4, researchers search for the Sasquatch said to roam California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, West Virginia's human-like lizard monster, a wolf-man believed to inhabit the Midwest's remote forests, the flying Mothman and more.

A look at the increasing number of attacks by great white sharks along our beaches. The investigation follows a team of researchers who are trying to determine why sharks are becoming more aggressive.

A trek into the foothills of North Western Kentucky to search for a Bigfoot-like creature that is said to make terrifying, wild screams. Investigators analyze a tooth, photographic and audio evidence, and venture into the remote wilderness in an attempt to identify the source of these mysterious sounds.

Investigators study the adaptability of giant pythons in Florida as their habitat spreads into heavily populated areas such as Miami, and north where they could hybridize and spread into every state in the country.

A look back over 50 years ago when South American scientists tried to make a hybrid bee that could produce more honey-instead they created swarms of large aggressive bees that have been plaguing Mexico and the southern United States with evidence that they are adapting to colder climates and spreading into northern states.