The search is on for the earth's most elusive and mysterious monsters! Each episode of MonsterQuest launches an expedition to uncover a famous mystery creature.

Scientists use modern technologies like DNA testing and digital photo analysis to evaluate decades of physical and photographic evidence, while field researchers hunt for the beast itself.

Bigfoot, aquatic dinosaurs, giant squid, mutant canines, man-eating catfish, and more will be investigated like never before.

Includes all 13 original episodes and behind the scenes footage: America's Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch Attack, Giant Squid Found?, Birdzilla, Bigfoot, Mutant Canines, Lions in the backyard, Gigantic Killer Fish, Swamp Beast, Russia's Killer Apemen, Unidentified Flying Creatures, The Real Hobbit, American Werewolf, and Behind the Scenes Footage