Trace the amazing facts behind Russia's wild scheme to create a "living war machine!" See how Josef Stalin spurred scientists to bend evolution to his own bloody will.

Skeptics and believers get equal time to make their case.

Discover true tales of (attempted) ape-human hybrids and other simian horrors.

Josef Stalin had a dream: an invincible human being, insensitive to pain and tolerant of bad Russian food. He also had access to what can only be described as a mad scientist, Ilia Ivanov. Together they pursued a campaign of cross-breeding and hybridization that shocked the world when it was uncovered.

In legend and the laboratory, the idea of super-strong, presumably obedient ape-human hybrids has sparked the imagination for generations. MonsterQuest examines the long and often bizarre tradition surrounding these creatures and recounts notable ape-on-human attacks.

Film Duration: 43 min