This is Tom Brown 's fascinating video documentary Nature Was My Teacher - The Vision of Viktor Schauberger which vividle presents the natural philosophy of famous austrian forester Viktor Schauberger who developed his own way of understanding nature's principles and by emulating them developed many machines and useful ways to harness the natural energy in a non-destructive way. He grew up among the magnificent Austrian forests, wanting to become a forest warden like his father, grandfather, great grandfather and his father, before him. But life was to take Viktor far from the peace & solitude of the great mountains and forests. Instead he was to lead the struggle to preserve the Earth, the forests and rivers; attacking the exploitation of nature, as early as the 1920s. Nature was his teacher - through an understanding of nature's principles, seen in the flowing motion of water, he gave the world a vision of how technology could be transformed to render free, non-polluting energy for our use. He warned of the consequences, facing humanity, if the present death-oriented technology continued! He died, betrayed by the same powers who promised to make his dreams a reality - commercial gangsters, who TAKE ALL and give NOTHING in return!

Film Duration: 41 min .