This is the first post in the new category named Articles, and probably the first post ever without a documentary in it. The reason for creating this new category (and this post) is the need for reaching the TDF audience beyond the comments section on every documentary.Having said that, I will take this opportunity to introduce one interesting project that I've been working on for some time. Ladies and gentlemen please meet Keen Talks.It is a website quite similar to TDF but in the same time very different. It offers talks, lectures, debates, interviews, and presentations given by many popular speakers, mostly in a non-classroom setting.Basically it is a very simple, independent, educational and informational resource dedicated to covering a number of awesome videos, delivered by some very interesting people.In doing so, the site strives to build one stop destination for all users who want to learn and expand their thoughts in the fields like science, health, philosophy, society, etc.I remember, not so long ago, people wanted to be able to watch lectures on TDF. I'm occasionally posting a lecture or two here, but I couldn't do that constantly, since TDF is a documentary site. Now, this new website is the place to do that.Keen Talks is structured very similarly to TDF. Videos are filed within categories, topics, year, and a speaker. There is no much material so far, but I hope it's enough for a start.I hope you'll like it, and if you do, please spread the word about it (word of mouth, email, your favorite social networks, links on your blogs, etc).Content will be added daily and I can already sense that there will be some good discussions over there too. So check it out and don't forget to share it.