This new documentary studies the very first historical records we have, the cuneiform tablets, they prove the Sumerians were a very advanced civilization, that knowledge was preserved for a time by successive cultures, eventually some knowledge was lost whilst other knowledge survived. It is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq. There is no more interesting episode in human civilization than our origins, some of these origins have been omitted from the history books because the ancient Sumerian texts tell a very strange tale of how we came to be, which we will look at in a future documentaries. Their level of achievements were so advanced that many think they were aided by an even more sophisticated race. Nobody has the answers, but there are clues in ancient artifacts and a trail of ancient discoveries that provokes insight and perspective of our forgotten past. Kingdoms of Sumeria, 'Origins of the Sumerian Savants' delves into the mysterious origins of our first civilization. Season One Episode One addresses the intellectual achievements of our Sumerian ancestors, the ‘Sumerian Savants’, with over 1 Million Sumerian tablets discovered to date, some of them are finally giving up their secrets.