this film details the history behind what brought North Korea into a nuclear power. In summary, Kim Jong Un came to power after they fought away the Japanese after WWII. The Soviets and the Americans divided the country across the 38 parallel. Kim took the lead to invade the South but after a tug of war between the two nations with China and Soviet Union supporting the North and the US supporting the South, 3 years later, the war concluded back at the original line except with over 1 million casualties in the North and 400k S. Korean and 37k US casualties. There was a period of lagging until Kim Jong Un started the nuclear program in order to gain bargaining power against the US for food aid/other resources. All was well with the Clinton era until Bush came in and scrapped the entire deal. After US invaded Iraq because of WMDs, DPRK decided to arm themselves in fear of what could happen to them.

Film Duration: 45 min .