Of the fifty US states, 46 are almost bankrupt. Thirteen million Americans are unemployed. More than 49 million people live below the poverty line. The national debt ceiling was recently raised to fourteen trillion dollars. Since the last financial crisis, confidence in the federal government is lower than ever. Director Alexander Oey traveled throughout the United States and filmed communities that have taken matters into their own hands. In Great Barrington, Massachusetts residents have their own currency, the Berkshire Hare, to be less dependent on the dollar. In Colorado Springs, the local population the right to vote against tax increases and it relies entirely on the private sector. In Austin, Texas provides radio host Alex Jones recently for its own electricity and water supply. Sandpoint, Idaho is the American dream under the inspired leadership of a Buddhist mayor exchanged for sustainable solutions. All these initiatives are a way to create a better life in a time of great uncertainty. People find their own utopia outside the financial system and the government. Are these communities the right path? Have they found effective alternatives, while governments worldwide are heading in a bankruptcy?

Film Duration: 60 min .