Twenty-Five miles from town, a million miles from mainstream society, a loose-knit community of eco-pioneers, teenage runaways, war veterans and drop-outs, live on the fringe and off the grid. Struggling to survive on little food, less water and no electricity, they cling to their unique vision of the American dream. Enthralling, action-packed and full of unforgettable characters. 'This community was built on being left alone by the cops. We don't want your government' cries Dred as he shoots at a can of petrol. Like many of the people living in this vast, dusty underworld, he went into the military as a teenager and came back a different man. 'I don't know anyone who's come out of a combat situation and gone right back into society. It takes a little time' explains Maine, a sufferer of post-traumatic stress disorder, 'this is the last remaining land of America. It's freedom'. Covering 15 square miles in New Mexico, the mesa is home to around 400 people. All the residents share the anti-establishment feeling of the war veterans. Yet 'patriotism' is one of the only tenets here. 'I fly the flag, I believe in the constitution' explains Dred 'I just don't believe in the government'. There are no official laws but the philosophy: 'don't steal from your neighbour, don't shoot you neighbour' is rigidly upheld. There's no money but 'if you've got pot you can trade for just about anything'.

Film Duration: 66 min .