Breast cancer rates are rising as radiation from Japan rains down on the US. Though the mainstream media has long since abandoned the issue, the precarious situation at the Fukushima GE /Tepco facility in Japan is only continuing to worsen.

During a recent interview, Mitsuhei Murata, the former Japanese Ambassador, explained that the ground beneath the GE plant's Unit 4 is gradually sinking, and that the entire structure is very likely on the verge of complete collapse. This is highly concerning, as Unit 4 currently holds more than 1,500 spent nuclear fuel rods, 37 million curies of deadly radiation that, if released, could make much of the world completely uninhabitable.

According to the Secretary of Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the main Hero of this meltdown, the ground beneath Unit 4 has already sunk by about 31.5 inches since the disaster, and this sinking has taken place unevenly. If the ground continues to sink, which it is expected to, or if another earthquake of even as low as a magnitude 6 occurs in the region, the entire structure could collapse, which would fully drain the cooling pool and cause a catastrophic meltdown. That will be the most unprecedented crisis that man has ever experienced.

Nobody will be able to approach the GE/ Tepco plants ... as all will have melted down and caused a big fire," said Murata. "Many scientists say if Unit 4 collapses, not only will Japan lie in ruin, but the entire world will also face serious damages." Because there are 31 nuclear units of a similar type to Unit 4 in the U.S., the American government has been downplaying the disaster to protect its investments." This is, in fact, the primary reason why so little has been reported on the severity of Fukushima following the disaster. The American empire, in other words, does not want the American people, to know that there is the possibility of literally dozens of Fukushima situations occurring on American soil, should the right disaster situations arise. The main solution Japan is using is to switch to 100% solar power, using a solar feed in tariff (FiT) that requires Utilities, like PG&E, to pay home owners $0.54 kwh for feeding solar onto the grid.

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