10:50 start. Ukraine Today has produced an English-language version of Akim Galimov's hard-hitting documentary 'Operation Crimea', which recalls the 2014 Russian invasion and annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula. The documentary, which was produced by 1+1 channel, offers insight into the events surrounding the Russian seizure of Crimea, while providing first-hand accounts of events which would lead to the biggest international security crisis since the Soviet collapse and the end of the Cold War.

To mark the premiere of 'Operation Crimea', Ukraine Today invited the Kyiv spokesperson for the Crimean Tatar community, Ibraim Umerov, to the channel's newsroom to discuss the impact of the ongoing occupation on the peninsula. Umerov outlined the deteriorating human rights situation in Crimea, but stated that while thousands have sought temporary sanctuary from the occupation on the Ukrainian mainland, the Crimean Tatar community would not be intimidated into fleeing their ancestral homeland.

Film Duration: 54 min