Overtoun in Dumbarton, Scotland, is a land of many legends. The most notorious being the dog suicide bridge which still puzzles the world today. Hundreds of dogs have been reported to jump from the bridge to their deaths for no apparent reason. The bizarre phenomenon quickly ignited peoples imagination as they were trying to find an explanation for such an unsettling occurrence. This documentary film thoroughly explores this mysterious estate, from ancient history to present day, in hopes of finding the truth behind the myth. It is an opportunity to better understand our oral traditions and the way in which we deal with the unknown. Inspired by Socrates, we shall follow the thread of questions wherever they may lead us, on a quest for the ultimate boon. This documentary was produced by students/young professionals on a very low budget, mainly funded by Kickstarter backers, with the intention of developing the investigation started by other TV specials dedicated to this subject by giving a voice to the local residents, the source of the folklore stories, the visitors of the estate and present tenants of the house. Perhaps by analyzing this universal social practice, its meaning and relevance, a debate for deeper ontological questions will ensue.

Film Duration: 46 min