Owl expert Fergus Beeley shares his insights into the nocturnal predators. From dawn to dusk it hunts the dark skies, a silent winged phantom with extraordinary hunting skills, using eyes and ears that can hear a mouse squeak from afar. At the slightest rustle of its prey, the owl swerves in flight and strikes with uncanny accuracy. National Geographic joins filmmaker Fergus Beeley, who has devoted much of his life to the pursuit of earth's most powerful birds. Around the world, Fergus has observed their dazzling array of hunting techniques and intimate moments, from the barn owls of rural Europe to the snowy owls of wintry Montana, the Pels fishing owls of Kruger Park, South Africa, to the brilliantly camouflaged burrowing owl on the flood plains of Venezuela. OWLS: SILENT HUNTERS takes a rare look at the incredible powers of these elusive predators.

Film Duration: 51 min