Documentary on a significant yet little known battle. This video goes into very good detail on the battle of Saipan which is usually omitted or glossed over in many other works. American planners chose their objectives from among the more heavily fortified islands at the southern end of Saipan, Tinian, Rota, and Guam. First targeted was Saipan, large enough at fifteen miles long by seven miles wide to allow combined arms maneuver. Inland hill masses dominated sandy beaches, with two prominent ridgelines framing a central valley planted in sugar cane. For invasion forces the major terrain features derived from the volcanic origin of the island. Unlike the low and generally flat surface of coral islands, the terrain of Saipan presented a confusion of heavily jungled and jagged but low cliff faces, rock outcroppings, sinkholes, and caves often as difficult to see as to walk over and around.

Key stages of the invasion are presented in cgi. America's mission to take the island from the Japanese meant death-filled ravines and sugar cane fields of the battle of Saipan.

Film Duration: 45 min