It measures roughly 35,000 kilometres. From Alsaka to Tierra del Fuego. It runs across two continents and through more than a dozen countries; sometimes, as a gravel track, but also as an eight-lane motorway. It meanders through vast landscapes, as well as the confines of major cities. For many, it is the absolutely perfect route: The Pan-American Highway. It leads through forests and deserts, through jungles and across high mountain passes. To the right and left of the Pan-Americana, drug wars and civil wars are contended, Hollywood films produced and computer programmes developed. And just a few thousand kilometres further south, Red Indians still hunt with bows and arrows.
For the very first time, a Norddeutscher Rundfunk TV-team travelled the entire route - in search of history and stories.

1. From Alaska to Mexico
2. From Mexico to El Salvador
3. From El Salvador to Panama
4. From Columbia to Peru
5. From Peru to Tierra del Fuego

Film Duration: 44 min