If you love nature programs you will love this one. It was filmed in the national panda reserve in the "Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon" in China. It features one of the most endangered animal in the planet, the giant panda. There are over 100 of these animals in the area but their habitat is shrinking due to human encroachment. It is hard for them to find mates and enough food to survive. The panda must eat half their weight in bamboo every day to survive because it is so low in nutrients. The program shows a pair of giant pandas mating. They also show a successful birth to a baby giant panda cub. The program also shows footage of the rare red panda and a bamboo rat mother and her babies who also eat bamboo. I particularly enjoyed the footage of a salamander that can grow to six feet in length. It lives in the streams of the area. It was very short but very interesting.

Film Duration: 48 min