Modern weapons and drugs have added a disturbing new dimension to tribal violence in Papua New Guinea.Traditionally, problems in PNG are solved through small scale tribal fighting. But while the stone age practice of fighting with bows and arrows had strict rules and low body counts, modern weapons have brought massive destruction. "Now that guns have come, when there are attacks, people go beserk," claims one local. "They hose down whole villages, torch every house and shoot women and children." There's still no functioning authority in the highlands and endemic corruption have left the country in danger of becoming a failed state. "We as a government have got to step in quickly and establish authority," admits one Government Minister. "Because at the moment, the warriors think they can do whatever they want." gal site. "What angers the settled community is that there's one law for us and one law for the travellers," explains Brownhill. Exploiting these frustrations, the Conservative Party made the gypsies a major election issue. It continues to be a highly political question. With more calls for forcible evictions, Britain's reputation for tolerance is being called into question.