Cane Toads: Austin heads to northern Australia, determined to photograph the extraordinary creatures and reptiles that live there before their pristine habitat is changed forever. As with the rest of the continent, the area’s wildlife is under serious attack by a foreign and deadly species of cane toad. After witnessing hordes of these toxic invaders on his way into the region, Austin heads deep into the unpopulated wilderness, navigating treacherous terrain by jeep before heading out on foot. Austin eventually captures a Western Brown, one of the country’s most dangerous snakes; a green and yellow Magnificent Tree Frog; and finally searches for the ‘Night Tiger’ – a strikingly marked tree snake with an aggressive reputation. Also in the episode…Austin encounters a legless lizard, a blue-tongued skink, an olive python, a monitor lizard, and a viper aptly named the ‘Death Adder’.