Imagine unexplainable events occurring at one's place of employment, at the property on which one puts down roots and at an entertainment site where one invests everything one has in a future. At the John Stone's Inn things have and do occur as witnessed by previous and current staff and employees. A family moves to Kings Valley, Oregon and events occur that no one can really explain. But the events are not of a harmful nature. At Bobby Mackey's Music World events have been witnessed by a co-owner, a customer, a handyman and even a Chief of Security. A Psychic had been called in to determine if they could determine what may be a cause. The other co-owner, Bobby Mackey won't accept the events as a need to stop entertaining. When asked of architects, psychic researchers, educators and even a magician, possible answers are given relating to stresses in foundations and buildings and possible mental aberrations among growing adolescents.

Film Duration: 45 min