In your dad's day, it was girly magazines, adult stores, racy novels and the x rated movie theatre - quaint by today's standards. Dad might not even recognise what it has become, A hardcore world without limits. Available at the click of the mouse.

Millions of men are spending millions of dollars a year on sexually explicit internet material, its out of control, literally. The internet is largely beyond the reach of politicians, parents, law enforcement.

Children are growing up on the internet, discovering, consuming it at an unprecedented rate. The epidemic has already created cyber porn addicts, like the man we will call Derek.

This film puts faces and personalities to the extraordinary profitable business of pornography today. It has quietly reinvented itself on the world-wide-web, becoming more mainstream and culturally embedded every day.

After starting with a visit to the old guard, the besieged Larry Flynt in his penthouse perch, this film drops in on a Gen-X mogul on his multi-million-dollar ranch, and on an upstart one-man operation in the seamy side of town.

The camera searches out a backstreet bondage superstar, some ordinary working girls in Montreal who run an internationally successful webcam site, the king of actress pimps in San Valley, and the millionaire pioneer of the future - virtual on-line sex - in Vancouver.

The film examines an "epidemic" of addiction, including teenage cell-phone users, and an oil executive from western Canada who belongs to the fastest growing substance-abuse community in the world: Sex Addicts Anonymous. Porndemic also speaks to law-and-order experts who think that obscenity on the internet is out of control and beyond the law, and to the blandly confident businessmen who are the new face of corporate, mainstream.