T. rexes and Velociraptors weren't the only meat-eating monsters on the prehistoric horizon. Three Discovery Channel programs bring you up close to some of the fastest, fiercest, and hungriest denizens of the ancient land, seas, and skies. Included are "What Killed the Mega-Beasts?," "Rise of the Feathered Dragon," and the "Prehistoric Assassins" episode "Blood in the Water

EPISODE 2: Blood in the Water
Millions of years ago, the earth s vast oceans were home to some of the fiercest and strangest creatures to ever roam the planet. Among them were a giant bone-jawed beast with a bite force three times that of a Great White shark, a monstrous six-foot sea scorpion with as many killing tools as a Swiss Army knife, and a massive marine predator whose neck, several times the length of a giraffe's, let it ambush and pick off whole schools of fish. While these terrifying monsters no longer rule the seas, the weapons they pioneered still show up in unexpected places.

Film Duration: 41 min