Cynicism is not new in the US political arena. But several months into the Republican primaries, and with 8 to go, voters are switching off. Is the mudslinging of candidates starting to take its toll?At this event for Mitt Romney in the Mid West there seem to be more reporters than supporters. A trend that's been caused by the mudslinging fest the Republican primaries have become. Since the Supreme Court freed up private and anonymous donors to spend what they like on hatchet jobs, it's been open season. "Mitt Romney pocketed half a million dollars in Medicare fraud", one add says. But many Republican voters are now disillusioned by the media circus. So, as Santorum and Romney trade toxic attacks through the media, it looks like they are playing into Obama's hands. "All we have to do to win this election is pull up their edge and run them against them", an Obama supporter tells us.