Psychological War:Psychiatry of Death is a controversial documentary on the horrors of psychiatry, of punishing and persecuting of the innocent and promoting Fascism and racism.
It was the foundation for the Holocaust, apartheid, for Jim Crow and for Communism. It has lead to many deaths.
Some say this is a Scientology propaganda film. Although the church of Scientology has had influence on the production of this film, the evil inherent in psychiatry should be of great concern to blacks, Afrikaans, Moors .
Psychiatrists in Nazi Germany basically branded innocent people as mentally ill including Jews. The concentration camps of Auschwitz and elsewhere were nothing more than psychiatric hospitals for those the Nazi State deemed mentally unfit. There's more to it than they let us know. And it's motivations are questionable at best. Learn the Truth, that they prefer you not know.

Film Duration: 107 min