Take flight on an exhilarating ride with elite winged predators in Raptor Force.

Humans have had a unique relationship with raptors, nature"s aerial killing machines, for more than four thousand years, first through the ancient sport of falconry, and, more recently, as scientists and engineers have turned to these mighty birds - from golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, and turkey vultures, to great gray owls and the peregrine falcon — as the inspiration for the latest in aircraft design. Using the tricks and tactics of raptors as their model, engineers have devised fighter jets with unprecedented maneuverability and stealth.

In Raptor Force, you"ll learn the secrets of these astonishing aerialists, and how they"ve mastered, more than any other type of bird, the art of soaring. And with the help of engineer and falconer Rob MacIntyre"s ingenious miniature television station - a camera, transmitter, and battery small enough to be harnessed onto the backs of raptors — you"ll see for yourself what it"s like to fly with these deadly aces.

Film Duration: 54 min