An intriguing independent documentary that focuses on Rastafarianism to an extent that has not been done before. The film highlights the fundamental principles and beliefs of this religion and ably explains how it has developed over the years and what it means to not only Jamaicans but also to the Rasta diaspora around the world. As the director Tahric Finn explained to me, the documentary 'seeks to present an objective glimpse into the Rastafarian culture by speaking with some of its followers and discussing how they came to this belief, and the effects it has on many aspects of their lives.'

The documentary itself is extremely well structured and seems to go out of its way to avoid focusing too much on many of the preconceptions that non-Rastafarians have as to the importance of specific cultural figures in the religious movement, most notably Bob Marley. And while Marley is mentioned in the film, the focus on other influential figures such as Emperor Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey sets this documentary apart from other films that have attempted to highlight this frequently misunderstood religion.

Film Duration: 80 min