Hinduism is the world's most ancient living religion. It has 700million followers, nearly one in every eight people on Earth isa Hindu.

Hinduism has made a profound contribution to the religious and philosophical history of the world. It has spawned other religions, Buddhism and Seikism in particular, and has contributed the concept of non-violent resistance as a means of political change.

This program traces the development of Hinduism from its inception to the present day. Shot at numerous locations inIndia, it demystifies many of the concepts of the faith, includ-ing: the many gods of Hinduism, the transmigration of the soul,the Guru, the sacred cow, the caste system, the music and ritu-als. It also covers the conflict between Hindus and Muslims and the other religions that have sprung from Hinduism.

Since religion has always been such a vital part of life in India,this program is more than simply an introduction to Hinduism.It provides an intimate look at Indian history, culture, and dailylife, leaving the viewer with a sense of an expanded under-standing of the mysterious part of the world.

Film Duration: 47 min