The Golden Temple or the Harmandir Sahib at Amritsar stands at the core of Sikh belief system and also as a testimony to the 600 year old history of the birth and evolution of Sikhism. The film looks at this complex history of a spiritual sect emerging out of the confluence of Hinduism and Islam and it's metamorphosis into one of the most prolific religions of the world by looking at a day in the life of the Golden Temple. It follows the pre dawn preparations and cleaning of the temple and the daily awakening ceremony at dawn to the re installation of the Guru Granth Sahib in it's chamber at 10 pm and in this duration explores the lives of the people associated with the temple, diasporic and otherwise, and their contributions to the upkeep of the temple specifically and of the faith at large. Deeply embedded values of spirituality and selfless service play themselves out in the form of everyday activities like the langar. The use of technology to consolidate and promote the teachings of Sikhism to the rest of the world is also looked at.

Film Duration: 47 min .