AN ARTIST "OUTSIDE THE HUMAN NORM" Each work by Salvador Dali conceals a story of the soul, because the soul of the most paradoxical artist of the 20th century was full of brilliant flashes, mingled with thick, black clouds. Through the restless blend of the conscious and the unconscious world that had wedged itself, unified, into his brain, Dali was, at the same time, both physical and metaphysical. Dali was born, grew up, created, and died "outside the norms". His work goes beyond the usual boundaries of an ordinary artist who paints what he sees or what he imagines. Dali's imagination is outside the time and place in which artists of the last few centuries functioned, particularly during the Renaissance. This metaphysical person experienced - by transcending his unconscious world - unity with the world of spirits that swirl though time and space, the souls of saints and demons together. The ethereal figures, which envelope and follow us every moment of our lives - but are impossible to perceive with our five senses - are manifested as complete entities in the infinite dark world of the eminent artist's soul. Dali grasps the space-time vibrations of the universe and, without being aware of it himself, expresses them in his works. The fourth dimension, which we can experience when we die, was experienced by Dali from the very moment he was born. The world of ghosts, which dominates the fourth dimension, is the world of his esoteric reality.

Film Duration: 43 min .