Commissioned by the Principality of Sealand itself and produced in 2003, this programme provides a fascinating insight into the operation, business, security, quality of life and many other aspects of this unique island fortress at that time. Torrentfreak reported in 2007 that The Pirate Bay worked out a plan to buy the micronation of Sealand and offer future citizens of this country can look forward to high speed Internet and the absence of copyright laws. However this wasn't possible due to the disputed nature of the micro-nation in the first instance.

Since its inception in the mid sixties of the last century, Sealand has gained a de facto recognition as being a legitimate Principality in the eyes of the diverse and far-reaching international community of states.

Formerly known as The Roughs Tower, Sealands superstructure comprises a man-made former World War 2 Navy Fortress that was sunk some 7 nautical miles off Harwich in the North Sea, off the coast of the UK.

Sitting firmly on its permanent pontoon base, it has its own territory that was declared and officially sealed in 1967, just before the British Government could change its legislation on UK Territorial Waters limits etc. in its hurried yet failed attempt to oust Sealand from any form of legitimate status!

The approximate location of the Principality is Latitude 51.53 N Longitude 01.28 E, in the Rough Shoals.

Although Sealand suffered a damaging fire in the middle of the last decade and the opportunity was taken to refurbish much of the island after that time, little has changed in Sealand since this programme was produced. However, the introduction of environmentally friendly wind turbine equipment for supplementary power-generation is one of the few significant enhancements out there in recent years.

So, come and take a look at this altogether unique, fascinating, remote and otherwise isolated place; a place like no other!

Film Duration: 28 min