Why are you more likely to have a heart attack at eight o'clock in the morning or crash your car on the motorway at two o'clock in the afternoon? Can taking your medication at the right time of day really save your life? And have you ever wondered why teenagers will not get out of bed in the morning? The answers to these questions lie in the secret world of the biological clock. The general message of The Secret Life of Your Body Clock was that a large number of ticking clocks exist in our organs, and that we ignore them at our peril. Being human, of course, we are indeed ignoring them with something approaching naked glee. The chronobiologists took us through their own 24-hour personal organizer in order to show how we have honed an entire working culture fully dedicated to cocking a gigantic snook at our own body clocks. We stick to rigid working hours when some of us are pre-programmed larks and some owls. We jump in cars after lunch, when micro-sleeps are what the body desires. We work night shifts when a whole slew of pathologies are more common from overnight exertion (and between 2.00-4.00am is when most people die). In short, we have as unhappy a relationship with timekeeping as the White Rabbit.

Film Duration: 49 min