From the Freemasons to Yale's exclusive Skull and Bones, this is a penetrating look at the enigmatic world of SECRET SOCIETIES. What do 13 signers of the Constitution and 15 presidents have in common with Duke Ellington and Mozart? All of them along with many other influential figures were members of the world's largest and oldest secret society, the Freemasons. A favorite subject of conspiracy theorists worldwide, this vast organization is familiar to many, but known by few. SECRET SOCIETIES unravels mysteries and legends surrounding the Masons and another famous society, Yale University's prestigious Skull and Bones club. Explore tales of plots, victims and conspiracies, and hear from insiders what really goes on behind the closed doors of these organizations. In a violation of his oath, a "secret Bonesman" reveals details of some of the most important Skull and Bones ceremonies, while conspiracy theorists explore the seemingly pervasive influence of the Masons in Western society. See a word-for-word re-enactment of the Freemason's most essential ritual, and the most detailed re-creation of the Skull and Bones' initiation rite ever filmed.

Film Duration: 40 min