The Mexican island of Cozumel is one of the world's premier vacation destinations, a Caribbean paradise of sun and sand and a staple of spring break. It also boasts some of the most extraordinary and important archeological sites of the New World, relics of the Mayans, who dominated the Yucatan in the 16th century.

Cozumel is also home of the Cueva Quebrada, a six-mile network of underwater caves and chambers beneath the island. In 1991, cave explorers Jeff Bozanic and Steve Ormeroid came upon a Mayan burial mound while diving in a chamber nearly a mile away from any entrance. As John Chatterton prepares for his dive on the puzzling find, DEEP SEA DETECTIVES probes the mysteries of how the Mayans were able to place these artifacts in such an unlikely location.

Film Duration: 43 min .