Glen Rogers left a trail of bodies across 5 states. He would randomly kill whoever he felt like killing, men or women.He came to the attention of law enforcement because of 5 murders he committed from 1994-1995,including 3 in southern California in 1994.Rogers has been on death row since 1997 but recently has come back into the public eye as being suspected of killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.He was in the Los Angeles area at that time,committed other murders in LA at that time and the murder fits perfectly with Rogers usual approach.He would blitz attack couples,usually killing the male first and then the female, his favorite weapon was a knife.Besides that he had knowledge about the crime scene, how the bodies were left,etc. that in 1995 wasn't as readily available as it is now.This is before the internet as we know it, he just wouldn't have had access to the things he knew about the crime and his explanation of how the murders occurred really makes more sense than the OJ theory.The world believes OJ is guilty but the way I've always seen it is a crime like this, with 2 victims being attacked and killed in close proximity to each other and literally killed in just a couple of minutes with a knife fits the personality of a serial killer who's had plenty of practice and is able to subdue 2 adults really quickly more than it fits someone like OJ.

Film Duration: 50 min .